Thursday, November 18, 2010

Off to Hogwarts!

So starting off, my friend Danielle Landy had her birthday a few days ago. She wanted me to add her in my post. So here we go:
Little Danielle is on the far right.

Story of Our Friendship

I would say 2008. I walked into my political science class for the first time, and looked for a person to sit by that was precious, and kind of looked like me. So I sit down, and we start talking. I loved her right then and there. We bonded over the cutie on the first row, and I knew we were perfect for each other. We realized we both went to The Village, we're both type B to the max, and loved smiling. I told DLandy about Sigma, and she was in her own world though. 
Sometime later, she got ahold of me and decided to rush Sigma. 
That's our history. Love her, and the time she devotes to me ;)

So, Today....I was being super positive and thought about things that made me smile today. Here's a few things;

1. Having a cup of coffee, my oatmeal, and seeing Rachel before she left for work.
2. Spending some time with the Lordt, Jesus Christ, HALLEJUIAHER.
3. Wearing my white v neck, and a huge scarf.
4. Finding out I am graduating on time, May 2011.
5. Taking a test.....and knowing the answer.
6. Laughing with Megan Bonny.
7. Sonic Happy Hour
8. Picking up the Kindergardeners and 1st graders from school.
9. Spotting a 2nd grader at work (I work at an After School Program) knitting a scarf.
10. Watching a movie with Meryl Streep.
11. Harry Potter
12. I went to pick up my ticket from Cinemark for the HP movie, and the guy who gave me my ticket had a british accent. I also died, right then and there. It's like they hired him just for this movie. Or maybe it's one of Harry's friends?

Big event of the weekend. Sigma Weekend.
Its where all 50 of my sisters lock our selfs in a cabin, listen to taylor swift, dance till' you just can't anymore, hike, expose some of the girls to dirt, laugh about awkward things, and always, always eat a fried pie at the pie stand.

The picture above is from my first Sigma Weekend, Fall 2007.  They all wanted me to prank call. So I prank called this guy who goes to my church, whom I recently was reintroduced too, who remembered that I was the one who prank called him 3 years ago. Creepy, but hilarious. Caught me off guard.

Its weird to think that this is my 7th semester of Sigma. I made it, almost. I was just reminiscing with my roommate Rachel Hildewig, who is apart of my pledge class. Fall 2007 I wanted to be Rachel's BFF so bad. Didn't work out then. Guess whose roommates now? We are. So precious. I have seen so many people come in and go through Sigma, and this organization has done nothing but bless me. 

So...this weekend, off to the woods. I will report back soon with exciting tales. Actually, I might just stay there, turn my little blackberry off, give my car to the fried pie stand guy, and just live there for a while. No stress. 

We'll see.

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